While is it recommended that you see a specialist for a phobia. Listed below are some helpful tips, which might help you in the future.

Helpful Tips

  1. In order to combat fear you should take a positive approach and be mentally ready and in control at all times. You could try using relaxation and yoga techniques.
  2. One way to control a phobia is to ignore it, which is easier said then done. However, if you think or talk about it, then you will create more fear and anxiety, which might make the phobia worse.
  3. Try researching more information about your phobia. They say knowledge is power and it might help you in the long run. However, do not dwell on the phobia or is might make it worse.
  4. Take some classes, such as biology or chemistry or nursing. They will help you learn about yourself, facts your doctor should know, and help you understand things the doctor may be telling (a.k.a. doctor-speak or big word medical terms). It can be a rewarding experience.
  5. When possible, talk to your doctor and interview them. Get to know him/her and be open with them. Ask about their schooling and past experience. Let them know of your issue. Communication is key to gaining trust and understanding.
  6. Don’t be shy or nervous about asking questions. You have a right to know, so ask questions about your exams, especially since some doctors may not tell you unless you ask for the results. Plus, you are paying them a lot of money, so make sure to get the answers to your questions.
  7. Do not switch doctors often, you want to stay with a doctor that you can be comfortable with and knows your history.
  8. Be honest with yourself that you may need a shot or follow-up visit in order to feel better. This could avoid creating unwanted anxiety.
  9. When a friend has to go to the doctor’s office, ask to join them. It may make you more comfortable later when you have to go to the same doctor or have the same issues arise and learn the issue can be fixed.
  10. Don’t forget that your doctor is there to help you, not hurt you. Yes, he/she may have to tell you something may be wrong, but he/she is also knows ways to fix problems, make you feel better or at least make you more comfortable. Remember, they are well trained and took at least 8 years of schooling to learn everything they could to help their patients.
  11. Take something to the doctor’s office to keep your mind of the fear. A favorite book or magazine could help relax you.
  12. Always keep your yearly appointments with your doctor. This will ensure consistency and if something is wrong, you might be able to catch it early enough to treat it.
  13. Try the Ten Minute Cure, which claims to get rid of absolutely any phobia in just 10 minutes.

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